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Our Mission

We educate and empower future healthcare providers to identify the red flags of human trafficking and provide trauma-informed care.

We provide evidence-based training for future healthcare providers on human trafficking and equipping them to be able to:

1. Effectively identify the red flags of trafficking.

2. Communicate and care for the victims in a way that is sensitive to their situation. 

3. Maintain the victim's honor and dignity throughout their medical experience.



We provide the knowledge and resources necessary to identify and respond to the red flags of human trafficking.

We prepare trainees to be advocates for victims and provide care with dignity.



Our Founder

In the summer of 2021, Megan volunteered with the Baptist Friendship House in New Orleans. As a medical student and no stranger to the mission field, Megan immediately felt a connection to the mission of creating awareness and advocating on behalf of victims of human trafficking. She was surprised by how little she, as a medical student, had been informed of the presence of human trafficking in the US, especially within the healthcare setting. Megan felt called to inform her fellow healthcare trainees about human trafficking in order for them to know how to recognize the situation and provide appropriate trauma-informed care.

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