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Local Partners 

Matt McCarron, M3 EVMS Student 

"I want to provide the best possible care for my future patients. Part of that is being able to identify signs of human trafficking, and knowing how to properly intervene. There are so many more complexities to the topic than I previously thought."

Dr. Wilkins, Vanderbilt Pediatrics Resident

"You never know what another person has experienced in their life. Approaching each encounter with a trauma informed  perspective has made me a better clinician and a better fellow human."

Kaitlin Hardy, M3 EVMS Student

"Trauma informed care is a master class in empathy and meeting people where they are.  I think before this experience I expected patients to come in and for me to be able to reasonably find solutions to all of their problems. I’ve learned a lot about thinking long term plans and making small steps towards healing."
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